The Wunderlich Screen Extension

The Wunderlich Screen Extension

The Wunderlich Screen Extension surpasses most windscreens by its exceptionally aerodynamic and large shape. Most bikes seem to have aerodynamic designs, but very few were designed in a wind tunnel. Poor windscreens do not protect from discomfort such as fatigue, a sore neck from the turbulence hitting your helmet top, and ringing ears. Where adjustable after-market windshields do not exist, extensions like the Wunderlich Screen Extension have helped to curb such incidences.

You can get the Wunderlich Screen Extension for only $149. This extension screen fits well on top of most windshields. The fitting requires no drilling, just some few key bolts that grip on a rubber piece to make a stable and secure attachment. This screen extension is a perfect fixture because you can remove it easily.

Depending on the size of the rider and the different preferences, you can adjust this screen extension upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards, and even to a tilted position. A streamlined attachment creates a smooth flow of air currents which in turn keeps down the aerodynamic back pressure, stops helmet buffeting, removes turbulence, and protects against disturbing jets of wind.

The Wunderlich Screen Extension is easy and quick to fix on all screens. No expertise is required, just a thorough reading of the instructions provided. It is also ABE approved for use with several original BMW screens. The extension screen is available in 24.5cm x 10.5 cm (l x h) dimensions.

Several reviews by bikers have proved the Wunderlich Screen Extension to be good value for your money. It has been designed using top quality materials, such as the high-quality anodized aluminum alloy, lightweight precision CNC mechanism, and the use of a shatter-proof Lexan screen deflector.