Getac’s V110

Getac’s V110

Laptops are not meant to be used only in ideal conditions, like in your home or office where it's never wet, there are no extreme temperatures and it is protected from shock. No, technology is meant to be used everywhere, only it needs to be designed to resist harsh conditions.

Getac specializes in rugged hardware meant to work in tough conditions. And it has just launched on the market the Getac V110 convertible laptop. This laptop is aimed at anyone working in conditions which tend to the extreme. The military grade laptop weighs only 4.6 lbs. (almost half in comparison to other similar devices), has an 11.6 inch display and a full keyboard.

The novel feature about this laptop is that it can convert to a tablet by just flipping de display around. Of course this is not that new of a feature for commercial laptops, however the V110 does this without compromising on safety or ruggedness.

In order to protect it from shocks of all sorts the manufacturer has used magnesium alloy for the chassis, enforced with rubber and plastic. This way it is sturdier than other models on the market. To protect it from water and dust the manufacturer has installed a membrane behind the keyboard and all the ports are protected by flaps.

Another cool feature of the V110 is that it has two batteries which are hot swappable. This means that you can run on battery forever as long as you have a charger to plug the other battery in.