Nexus 6 Delayed Until Next Week

Nexus 6 Delayed Until Next Week

Last year Google announced that the Nexus 5 pre-orders were available, they then posted a time frame for buyer to pre order the device however they ran out of phones so fast that buying one became quite a challenge. Fast forward to this year and it’s pretty much the same that has happened; the Nexus 6 until next week.

According to Zdnet, Google did not announce to the public when they would launch the pre-order page which resulted in the devices being sold out within minutes during the week. Additionally, the Nexus 6 is currently unable to cover all network carriers as well.

T-Mobile announced that the Nexus 6 will be available on Wednesday, November 19, with a retail price of $649.92 and an equipment installment plan of $27.08 per month for 24 months.

AT&T will make their pre-order available on Wednesday though they have not yet announced its official release date. AT&T will sell the device for $249.99 with a two year agreement contract. They also have plans of $22.77 per month for 24 months, $28.46 per month for 18 months of $34.15 per month for 12 months. Off contract Nexus 6 phones will cost $682.99.

Sprint will make their Nexus 6 available on Friday. Under their Easy Pay Plan, the Nexus 6 will cost $29 per month for 24 months. However the network carrier company has not yet announced their subsidized price for the Nexus 6. Their off contract price will cost $696. Additionally, customer will be able to purchase Sprint’s $60 unlimited plan for the Nexus 6 which includes: unlimited talk, text and data.

Verizon Wireless and U.S Cellular have yet to announce their launch detail for the Nexus 6.