Google submits plans to expand Silicon Valley headquarters

Google submits plans to expand Silicon Valley headquarters

On Friday Google Inc. submitted their plans for expanding its headquarters which are located at Silicon Valley City.
The submission of the plan by Google Inc. to the City council in Mountain View California marks the first step in what many city officials are saying will be a long review process.

If approved, the new Google headquarters will be able to hold an additional 10,000 employees, a Google spokeswoman said.
There has been lots of talk regarding Google’s new headquarters mainly because of the design of the building which many are terming as architecturally innovative.

Google’s headquarter plans are also being watched very carefully in the San Francisco Bay area region given that many are concerned that housing prices will be pushed higher in the area and might even reach levels which cannot be affordable by most families due to the fact that the technology industry offers high salaries. are complaining that
"Today we’re submitting a plan to redevelop four sites - places where we already have offices but hope to significantly increase our square footage - to the Mountain View City Council," said David Radcliffe who is Google's vice president of real estate.

The design of the Google’s new headquarters which has been designed by architect Bjarke Ingels calls for block like structures which the company say will be movable in an event that one wanted to create space so as to pursue a particular project that may require a lot of space.

"They're very ambitious," Mountain View City Councilman Ken Rosenberg said of the blueprints. "They're taking what we know about building design and significantly advancing the concept,” adding that, “The proposal by Google would contribute to more local prosperity but also increased traffic.”