Best phones within the range of 400 Euros and above

Best phones within the range of 400 Euros and above

The initial 2015 flagship phones are on Sale now.

Meizu MX 4

Meizu’s MX4 Pro flaunts a five point five inches IPS Screen which is actually more than the QUD Resolution. It borrows Exynos 5 Octa chip set from Galaxy’s Alpha & a 20 MP cameras from Sony Xperia Z.

Galaxy Note 3

 Galaxy Note 3 might be very cool, but it is still quite expensive as compared to Note 3. The screen of 5.7” of Note 3 looks quite good, S pen stylus is great & 13 MP camera can record 2160 pixels video. With a very attractive design, you might be tempted to buy this phone.

Over €500

Nexus 6 from Motorola has a metallic frame & QHD Super Amoled screen which is missing in Galaxy Note 3, optical-stabilization for the Camera also.

Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Note 4 is the top rival of Nexus 6. It has got a metallic frame which is very compact, a screen of 5.7”. Note 4 have an S pen stylus along with multitasking features.

LG Flex 2

LG Flex 2 has a curved edges screen. It is a very compact phone & much more manageable as compared to its predecessors.

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 is very similar to Note 4. It is a reset of the general design from Samsung having a frame made of glass. It is one of the best looking gadgets in the market today.