Sony GM Addresses Cyber Hack

Sony GM Addresses Cyber Hack

Speaking at Las Vegas press conference on January 6th, Sony's general manager, Kazuo Hirai addressed the huge cyber hack that has been making headlines for the past few weeks.

The conference was part of the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show, in which Hirai was greeted by Sony fans who were curious about the company's next move after the hack. There has been a lot of buzz around the Sony-produced film The Interview, in which two journalists find themselves in a plot to assassinate North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Un.

According to the FBI, North Korea was responsible for the cyber hack against Sony. The action caused the company to take a financial hit, costing millions of dollars. The situation escalated, and many movie theater franchises refused to show the film. Hundreds of independent movie theaters chose to show the film, and Sony released The Interview online. Even with its limited screening, the movie pulled in $15 million after being shown online for four days.

The whole scenario begs the question of whether we really do have the right to express ourselves freely. The question of whether the movie's storyline was just the writer taking artistic license, or was an indirect attack and threat to North Korea may have sparked the hack. With relations between North Korea and other countries, the cyber hack's origin did not surprise many.

Despite the mess, Sony's Hirai seemed in good spirits at the conference, and his company is not likely to suffer greatly from the hack.