Solgaard Lifepack Carry-On Closet

Solgaard Lifepack Carry-On Closet

What’s a company to do after creating perhaps the best backpack on the market?

If you’re Solgaard Design Co., the answer is to set your sites on luggage.


After the wildly successful release of Lifepack – a solar-powered, anti-theft backpack launched via Kickstarter on Leap Day of 2016 – the team at Solgaard Design Co. has introduced Lifepack: The Carry-On Closet.


Like its predecessor, The Carry-On Closet has paired sleek, exceptional design with useful and inventive features to give customers an experience like no other.


The hardcover is made of a sturdy jet-black polycarbonate supported by a gun-metal grey aluminum frame. As Solgaard boasts on their Indiegogo page, the Carry-On Closet is “able to withstand an adult standing or sitting on it from any side.” The exterior also features four all-direction wheels, firm handles on the top and side, a third retractable handle for rolling, and a TSA-approved lock.


The suitcase measures in at 55 x 36.5 x 23 cm (21.6 x 14.3 x 9 in) and weighs 3.8 kg (8.4 lb). This places it within the cabin-approved guidelines for domestic and international flights on all airlines.


The inside, though, is what sets it apart.


Nestled within the Carry-On Closet is a patented retractable shelving system. When expanded, the shelving system nearly doubles the height of the suitcase and contains six distinct storage compartments. With this feature, clothes can be sorted and remain perfectly folded in their own sections.


For those who are always on the go, the Carry-On Closet makes it easier to unpack and repack at hotels. It enables travelers to pack with ease and find everything in their bag efficiently.


It also allows the shelving system to be removed entirely if not needed for a particular trip.


Though typically retail priced at $229.00, the Carry-On Closet can be purchased on Solgaard’s website for the reduced price of $189.00.