Apple Watch arrived: Here’s how to use it

Apple Watch arrived: Here’s how to use it

The Apple Watch finally arrived April 23 and Amazon has released its shopping app for the new smart watch.

On April 10, Apple put its first smart watch up for pre-order and the demand was huge, as expected with any new Apple product.

Stated in the last reports, Apple has already taken pre-order in millions. For those who got in early with their pre-order, that is good news but Apple then realized that it does not have enough stock to fulfill these orders.

Apple claims the Apple Watch will be useful in certain situations, such as heading out somewhere and suddenly remembering something you need. You need at least iOs 8.2 to access Apple Watch’s features. You also need the password for your Apple ID account. Then select your preferred language on the watch and open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Follow the commands or prompts on the phone app. For installing apps, “Install All” to get watch versions of apps already on your phone.

In settings, it ask whether you want the Watch to ‘mirror’ when and how the phone displays notifications. The watch actually have the same gestures and controls from the phone but with its smaller screen, it isn't always practical.

Meanwhile, the sale anticipation of the Apple Watch isn't the same as the iPhone. Only a small queue outside Selfridges was waiting for the Apple Watch store to open. While people were either showing their optimistic natures or they had not heard about the stock problems.