US Auto Sales break record in 2015

US Auto Sales break record in 2015

As Americans see a new dawn in higher employment rates, cheaper gas prices, and even lower interest rates, more and more people chose to buy vehicles in 2015.

The surge in auto sales was so high that it broke all records for the past 15 years!

Counting all the car sales across the nation, there was nearly 17.5 million cars and small trucks. The sales mounted close to $570 billion in the US. That ensured all the stakeholders in the auto industry, such as the automakers, workers, the dealers and even the executive sales personnel, rightly earned more money.

Gas has dropped to an affordable price of $2 a gallon all over the country. Car manufacturers expect even higher sales as demand for vehicles keeps rising. It is not just cars, but even pick-up trucks and SUV’s are in demand as well. These bigger vehicles were almost half of all sales. The Kelly Blue Book stated on average, each car sold for $34,428, all the transactions included.

This is a great time for both automakers and the new car owners. Nevertheless, skeptics ponder whether these good times are here to stay or will there be another downturn in the near future?