Honda’s New 2018 Insight

Honda’s New 2018 Insight

Honda Insight was among the first hybrid cars to be introduced in the market, but it faces stiff competition from other models such as the Toyota Prius. In a bid to stay relevant, this globally recognized auto company has plans to release the Honda Insight 2018 that has more features and capabilities. The design and assembly is based on the interests and needs of the targeted savvy customers.

The interior with ample space is the primary aspect that will definitely give this new model an edge in the market. There are five seats so you can comfortably seat friends, colleagues, or family members.

There is a two-gauge instrument cluster as well as an intuitive touchscreen with smart buttons that you can use to take full control of the vehicle while driving. The engineers have also gone the extra mile to include a space-saving new gear selector push/pull buttons to make it easy for users to accelerate and decelerate.

We all love smartphones and use them to not only communicate but also browse the internet. In between the driver seat and passenger seat, there is a flat pad that is specifically designed to hold your mobile phone. In addition, there are special cup holders as well as crannies and nooks that you can use to store other personal items.

Finally, one of the main differences between the Honda Insight 2018 and most of the Toyota Hybrids in the market is that Honda runs on a new generation system that can be powered by the battery alone. While driving, the engine recharges the battery thereby ensuring that you always have enough power.